Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine Buying Guide

What is the best commercial shaved ice machine?

Are you looking for the best commercial shaved ice machine then you are at the right place. After the research of 48 hours i am able to present you the commercial shaved ice keep with us. 

Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine Buying Guide

1.Blade quality

Blade quality is the important factor to be considered while buying the best commercial shaved ice machine. Your ice machine should have a stainless steel blade because it has a long life so is best for your machine.


Durability provides you comfort for many tasks..Your commercial shaved ice machine should be durable means you can use it for many purposes such as at home, restaurants, snack, canteens etc.


You should select the Ice Machine according to your need. If you are buying it for your home use then you select the small and medium ice machine, but if you are buying it for restaurants then you should select the portable size of the machine.


Motor is the important element for any best commercial shaved Ice machine. Your machine motor should provide you with large production with less use of power.

List of the Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

1.Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine

best fluffy shaved ice machine

Engineered and patent-pending for use at home by the world’s top experts in commercial shagged ice equipment, SNOWIE LLC, and it comes with a no-hassle one-year warranty.

The fastest in-home ice shaving machine in the world! Its Little Snowie Max makes perfect and deliciously fluffy snow in just 3 seconds using a professional-grade powerful motor with a 301 hardened stainless steel blade.

Its Little Snowie Max is a well-sized snow cone machine suitable for office or home or holiday celebrations, birthday party barbecue, or concession stand. It’s simple to carry and clean and simple to keep in storage.

This ice shaver makes use of frozen ice cubes directly from the maker inside the freezer or taken from the freezer of any convenience or grocery retailer. It’s not the time-consuming burden of having to freeze specific ice drums with a particular shape that takes up the space in your freezer.

The Little Snowie Standard Kit comes with six flavor powder sticks (makes six pints flavor syrup) 2 mixing bottles that have pour spouts and 8 Snowie shovels that can be reused as snow cone spoons.


2.VIVOHOME Electric Ice Shaver

commercial snow cone machine

The electric (plug-in) power takes care of the work for you. Fastly cut snow ice (143 pounds of ice every hour) to handle large demand quickly; The strong motor as well as the sharp edge give the user with soft, fluffy, and powdery snow ice. The higher crusher body and elbows give the machine a more attractive appearance and more room for storage containers such as goblets, bowls, cups, etc.

It is constructed with food-grade stainless steel with a corrosion-free blade and hopper. Hygienic and corrosion-proof conditions ensure the safety of your food; The simple-to-clean design eases your life by reducing energy consumption and time. The food-grade stainless-steel bowl can be used to collect shaving ice

A sturdy and heavy-duty base is the most stable and quiet workspace. Noise and vibration are reduced to ensure a relaxing and a comfortable environment

Switch for water-resistant on/off for ease of use and peace of head; Blades stop spinning and power shuts off completely when the handle of the hopper is open, to protect against the risk of injury

The sleek and elegant design makes this ice maker more appealing in the kitchen. Ideal for fast-food restaurants, homes, shops, restaurants, cafes bars and clubs, canteens, food stands, festivals fairs, etc.


3.ZENY Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver

best commercial snow cone machine

All Stainless Steel Construction.

A highly efficient motor can generate an impressive 440 pounds of shaved ice per hour, which is enough to supply the needs of a large quantity of ice in a relatively quick period of time.

The On/Off switch is protected with a waterproof covering to ensure an uninvolved operation.

Rotated Speed 2500 runs/min.

Shaving Capacity: 440lbs/h.


4.Costzon Ice Shaver

best snow cone machine

Dual blades give two high-efficiency ice crushing capacities.

Dual blades that have 1400 runs/min of rotation speed for high-efficiency crushing capacity.

The machine’s body is made of stainless steel and a clear container for easy cleaning and low maintenance.

Machine body made of stainless steel and stainless steel blades 430 and a thickened acrylic container robust and long-lasting.

The acrylic case housing keeps the ice shaved cool and has a drainage hole is made with the pipe to release the water ice.

A water-resistant on/off switch is safe enough to function even when hands are wet.

Ideal for bars, restaurants snack stands, canteens for home parties, gatherings at the bar, and more.


 5.F2C 300W Electric Ice Shaver Machine

Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

A highly efficient motor can generate an impressive 143 pounds of shaved ice per hour to meet the demand for large quantities of ice in a relatively shorter amount of period of time.

Aluminum is utilized for the manufacturing of the casing as well as the hopper to ensure that the product is able to withstand for a long time and protect against corrosion.

It is positioned on the tabletop of your house or bar restaurant, its smooth design will surely be an eye-catching look, and completely distinct from the typical machines.

Simple cleaning and also.



As you know we can make many things with ice so we need one best commercial shaved ice machine for home use or commercial use. You should consider certain factors before buying the best commercial shaved ice machine such as durability, easy to clean, water resistant, rust proof, sharp blade, stainless steel material etc. We also mention the best features for every product so you can easily select the best shaved ice machine according to your need. Thank you

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