Best Tower Gaming PC

Smartphones are everywhere and incredibly efficient. Innovative, stylish laptop designs are continually developing. Which leaves the old-fashioned desktop computer? There are plenty on sale in the market, no doubt and there’s never a dull moment in the world of desktops. More people today than ever think desktops are as outdated and are heading to the laptop aisle to purchase their next laptop.

This isn’t always the best choice. The rumors of the death of desktop computers are exaggerated every year for more than a decade. Desktops aren’t going extinct and are nothing but slouch. Businesses and consumers alike must take a look at buying one since their benefits of the past remain valid forty years after they started computers for personal use as well as the age of the internet, they’re still among the most affordable flexible, adaptable, and simple-to-upgrade computer you could own.

1. Thermaltake LCGS View 390 AIO Liquid Cooled CPU Gaming PC

Improve your view by acquiring View 390. LCGS View 390, surrounded by Tempered Glass panel and bright ARGB fans. Experience multi-threaded multi-core performance on 8 cores with AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU that is kept cool with the closed loop TT 360mm AIO cooler. Enjoy the full ray-tracing power with the brand new NVIDIA GeForce 3090 RTX, designed for the high frames and sharp graphics we are accustomed to. Gen4 NVMe M.2 performance means you’ll no longer be having to wait for slow drives, allowing you more time to gaming and work.

2. ROG Strix GA35 Gaming Desktop PC

ROG Strix GA35 is a Windows 10 gaming desktop that offers incredible gameplay experiences enabled by the most recent AMD Ryzen processors, GeForce(r) Graphics RTX, as well as lightning-fast SSD storage. For Free Windows 11 upgrade eligible devices, visit ASUS Windows 11 website for more information.

Liquid-cooled AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor (64M Cache and as high as 4.8 GHz).

1TB HyperDrive PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD (up to 3200MB/s) + 2TB 7200RPM HDD | 32GB 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM.

Esports and LAN party-ready with hot-swap SSD bays and USB 3.2 Gen1 Type C and A front panel connectors allow for easily expanding storage (*USB Speed of transfer may differ. Find out more information on ASUS website).

ROG Strix Scope Keyboard and ROG Chakram Core Gaming Mouse included.

3.iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop

Introducing the iBUYPOWER TraceMR 224i! This model comes with the most recent Intel i9-11900KF processor. It’s offering a fantastic value-for-performance CPU that will allow to gamers play games with high frame rates. It will boot up with the Intel i9-11900KF, which is an Nvidia GeForce RTX3090 24GB graphics card. This GPU can handle every modern AAA game as well as 4K video editing and other challenging tasks with no issue.

Highlight and illuminate your gaming equipment’s interiors by installing four RGB fans, specifically designed to cool your PC when you get ready for the next round of gaming with the brand new IBUYPOWER Trace5MR Case.

4. CORSAIR ONE i200 Compact Gaming PC

  • The CORSAIR One is ready to tackle the latest games on the market at their most extreme settings, packing the top performance of a full-powered gaming computer into a stunning and quiet compact-form factor that occupies less space on the desk than laptops.
  • Enjoy your time with confidence for years with the dependable, CORSAIR components that have been awarded a distinction.
  • Speed is the king. an 11th-Gen Intel Core processor delivers blisteringly high frequencies right immediately out of the box to give creators and gamers an edge over competitors.
  • The NVIDIA GeForce RTX30 Series GPU that incorporates real-time ray tracer technology allows stunningly realistic graphics and high frame rates, which dwarfs the performance of older generation graphics cards.
  • CORSAIR VENGEANCE Memory with DDR4 performance gives you both the performance and speed required to take on the latest applications.

5. Skytech Prism II Gaming Computer PC Desktop

Bring your gaming to new heights. Skytech’s Prism II lets you play with more settings, higher frame rates, and more powerful multitasking capabilities than regular gaming PCs. With more power to play and stream at the same time with no delays, the Skytech Prism II gives gamers the ability to support their teammates and produce superior content.

Keep high frame rates in place even when you live to stream your game. Start gaining a following with your own stream and offer a stunningly smooth watching experience to your viewers. The uncompromising quality of features and the smooth performance are now the norms for any gamer or artist.

Nvidia DLSS is groundbreaking AI rendering that improves frame rates while maintaining image quality by using the exclusive AI computing Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX. This allows you to enjoy the performance to boost resolutions and settings for an amazing visual experience. The AI revolution is here for gaming