Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

The barista is able to go from bean to espresso in just an hour, resulting in delicious espresso with a great taste in less than one minute. The barista express lets users grind beans prior to extraction with its filter options that can be interchanged and the option of either manual or automated operation guarantee authentic results that are cafe-style in a matter of minutes.

Breville Barista Express delivers third-wave specialty coffees at home with the 4 key formulas. It’s an element of the Barista Series that offers all-in-one espresso machines, including integrated grinders to transform coffee beans into espresso in less than one minute.

Conical burr grinder with precision grinds upon demand, delivering the correct quantity of fresh ground coffee into the portafilter for you to enjoy your preference for any roast.

Pre-infusion with low pressure gradually increases pressure at the beginning and ensures that the flavors are pulled into the cup evenly to ensure the perfect tasting cup with a balanced taste.

Control of temperature via digital (PID) ensures that water is at the correct temperature to ensure the best extraction of espresso.

The steam wand’s powerful performance lets you touch microfoam milk, which enhances the flavor and allows for the creation of artful latte designs.

Simple and easy to use, it gives you the ability to control the grind size, no matter what type of bean you’re using.

The unique grinding cradle allows baristas in the home for grinding directly to the portafilter of espresso to make the perfect espresso.

Main Features

Rich, full flavor

A full-bodied, deep, and complex flavor is made by using the perfect amount of 19-22g of fresh ground coffee beans. This dosage will allow the coffee to completely express the extraordinary aroma, rich flavors, and distinct character of the coffee for the ultimate cafe-style experience. Anything less than the recommended dosage will result in a watery and weak flavor experience.

Perfectly balanced taste

Delicious, sweet, and subtle flavor notes start by ensuring that you have control of the temperature of the water. Control of temperature via digital (PID) technique precisely regulates the temperature of water for a perfectly balanced extraction of coffee, giving you control and the consistency you need to make the best tasting coffee every time.

Irresistible body

A luxurious, creamy, and caramel-colored espresso begins with a low-pressure pre-infusion, which absorbs the grinds and allows the water to circulate evenly throughout it during our high-pressure (9 bars) extraction process. This is done through the 15-bar Italian pump. This creates an intense, sweet, and viscous espresso.

Silky, velvety mouthfeel

Savor the smooth, silky flavor and smooth mouthfeel of genuine microfoam milk. The milk is heated with pressure, which creates millions of tiny bubbles, improving mouthfeel and flavor, while the temperature increases the milk’s sweetness and delights your taste buds. an exquisite blend of sweetness, sweet milk, and syrupy golden espresso.

Dose-Control Grinding

Conical burr grinder that is integrated grinds on-demand to provide just the right quantity of fresh ground coffee into the portafilter to give you the perfect taste for any coffee roast.

Grind Size Dial

Simple and simple, giving you the ability to control the size of your grind, no matter what kind of beans you’re grinding.

Precise Espresso Extraction

Digital temperature control keeps water at the exact temperature to ensure optimal extraction of espresso.

Micro-Foam Milk Texturing

The steam wand’s performance lets you hand-shape micro-foam milk, which enhances flavor and permits the creation of Latte art.

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