De’Longhi EC9665M La Specialista Maestro Espresso Machine

Choose from 8 grinding options to grind the beans you prefer and then adjust the dosage using precise dosing guides for digital devices.

Do not take excessively loose or dense the Smart Tamping Station works in synergy with the sensors to guarantee optimal pressure and doses with less clutter.

The pre-infusion process is dynamic and adjusts to the intensity of the coffee dose and evenly wets the coffee grounds to ensure that they get the perfect extraction.

Temperature Control features 5 infusion profile settings that are different according to beans of different types. Each profile comes with an individual temperature range for the best brew temperature and flavor infusion.

Its Active Temperature Control technology features two separate heating systems which are one for making a brew, and the other for steaming milk. When brewing both systems operate together to provide a hot brew that has an amazing, milky final.

Main Features

De'longhi la specialista maestro espresso machine
De’longhi la specialista maestro espresso machine

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