Duxtop Professional Portable Induction Cooktop

The Duxtop professional countertop burner utilizes an electrical outlet of 15 amps and 120V which is standard for the majority of North American homes. ETL is registered and constructed according to North American electrical standards. The light, portable, and compact induction cooktops make the process of handling and storage simple.

Pick among 20 preset powers (100W from 1800W) and 20 pre-set temperature settings (100degF up to 460degF). With a score for energy efficacy, induction cookers are more efficient than electric or gas stoves, yet it is quick to heat up and has faster cooking times.

This sensor-touch panel a touch-sensitive and is easy to use. Its angle control panel is equipped with an enormous LCD display with a readout that allows easy viewing even from an extended distance.

Its stainless-steel construction guarantees longevity and dependability. It is equipped with a seven-blade fan and a back tuyere that quickly disperses heat. There is no burning element or open flame, your food will not ignite on the cooktop’s glass surface, making it simple to clean it using a damp towel.

Induction stoves depend on the cookware themselves to heat up, which is why it is essential to select magnetic cookware that has a minimum diameter of 5 inches. It is recommended to allow the heated plate to cool prior to cleaning. It is designed to provide durable and reliable performance in professional and commercial locations like industrial kitchens, restaurants, and other catering services.

Main Features

This stainless steel structure provides durability and reliability. The long-lasting Duxtop commercial-grade induction cooktop can hold up to 65 pounds on the cooktop surface.

Press the “BOIL” button, which will bring water to a rapid boil. Then it will go into the power mode of level 10, and the timer is set to 10 minutes.

All the way to its 10-hour automated timer that provides precision operation, and is safe for the food that is ready.

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