Empava 30” Induction Cooktop

This Empava Brand Induction Cooktop blends the power of gas and the simple cleaning of electricity to offer the ultimate cooking flexibility. The cooking process is percent better than cooking with gas, and 20 percent better than electricity. It also provides more precise temperature control both at low and high temperatures, so it’s soft sufficient to allow chocolate melting, but capable enough to boil water Since heat is produced directly inside the cookware the cooktop is cooler and more comfortable to touch making it more secure and cleaner to clean. elements are compatible with the majority of cast iron and stainless steel cookware. If a magnet adheres to the surface of a pan or pan, it is compatible with induction. Empava products are the top in modern design and the most advanced technology in appliances to revolutionize your life

Main Features

The USA and Canada ETL Certified Electric Stove Induction Cooktop were developed and manufactured by the USA by Empava Appliances with 2 Years US Manufacturer Warranty.

The smooth Empava smooth surface of tempered glass provides easy cleaning and is made with no release of harmful metals to the ground. It also is able to withstand intense heat without breaking or chipping. It is compatible with any Empava 24/30 inches. countertop single-wall oven. The majority of stainless steel and cast iron cookware is induction-compatible.

An “H” appears in the surface display to indicate when elements are warm to the touch with only one glance. The sensor for pan size will heat the element to the same size as the cookware and shut it off when there is no pan there for security and efficient cooking. Induction cooking is a method of cooking where heat is generated in the cookware. This means the cooktop remains cooler to the touch. with the child control lock feature that protects against accidental activation to ensure security.

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