Gaggia Babila Espresso Machine

Gaggia Babila Gaggia Babila is among the two super-automatic espresso and coffee makers on the market that comes with an insulated carafe as well as an industrial-style steam wand. Create custom special drinks at the touch of a button as well as the carafe, or make your own using the manual steam wand. The flow knob controls the flow rate to pull a powerful espresso or lighter coffee. The brew spouts can be removed for six and a half ” of space to accommodate larger mugs or to-go cups. The bypass doser permits the use of pre-ground coffee to make a variety of coffee choices.

Main Features

1. Manual Wand

It lets you alter the texture of the milk in any way you like and everything from the finest micro froths to airier froths for a cappuccino. It allows you to make milk-based drinks that are customized according to your own preferences.

2. Enhanced Carafe

The auto-cleaning, detachable Carafe assists in making milk-based drinks easy with a press of a button.

3. Flow Knob

Adjusts the level of extraction so that it can give you a powerful coffee or lighter, bigger coffee, without over-extraction.

4. Hopper and Bypass Doser

Brew with whole bean or ground coffee using grinding with the burr mill made of ceramic, as well as the bypass doser.

5. Adjustable Coffee Dispenser

A telescopic coffee dispenser with adjustable height can pour into any container ranging from three” inches all the way to six” inches. This is great for tall coffee or to-go cups.

6. Deep Programmability

The Babila comes with a wide range of options that are customizable that allow you to customize your drinks to what you would like them.

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