GE Profile Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

Choose from a variety of microfoam thicknesses and textures for flat whites, lattes as well as cappuccinos. an integrated steam wand that rotates in a 180-degree motion allows for greater control and ease of use.

You can enjoy a balanced cup of espresso every time with an Italian-designed 15-bar pump that gradually raises its pump’s rated pressure to bring out the flavors.

A conical stainless-steel grinder is able to deliver a precise amount of fresh ground directly to the portafilter along with 15 levels of grind, it offers the capability to dial in an exact shot.

Get your kitchen equipped with a smart espresso maker which syncs with the SmartHQ app, which allows customers to alter their preferences for drinks through volume and strength and also allows software updates.

Main Features

  • Italian manufactured pump, 15 bar that gradually increases pump’s rated pressure in order to bring out the flavors.
  • The stainless steel conical grinder provides an exact amount of freshly ground material right into the filter along with 15 levels of grind, the grinder gives you the ability to adjust the perfect shot.
  • Block boiler made of aluminum with an integral copper coil that delivers 1300 Watts of power that can warm water instantly and continuously to ensure quality espresso each time.
  • Cleaning kit included and steel temper. Also included is the brushed stainless frothing pot as well as double and single layers of filters.

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