HexClad 7-Piece Hybrid Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Lids and Wok 

HEXCLAD makes use of a tri-ply clad-style pan. We begin with the layer of stainless steel that is magnetic. This way, it does not only work on electric and gas stoves but also on modern cooking surfaces that use magnetic technology.

We then have an aluminum layer in the middle that acts as the heating element giving the pan even, pleasant heating. We then place the aluminum layer with two layers of steel. Utilizing a laser etching procedure which allows us to design our patent-pending HEXCLAD hexagonal design in the cooking pan. The unique design results in an array of valleys and peaks.

Main Features

  • The hexagon design was made by a laser etching process that provides durability to stainless steel and the comfort of a non-stick surface. The dual surface lets you achieve a golden brown sear making use of less oil, grease, and butter.
  • Our design is the only genuine hybrid (stainless steel and non-stick) cookware with a patent-pending laser-etched hexagonal design and tri-ply construction. HexClad is free of PFOA and oven safe to 500 °, induction-ready, and has a handle that stays cool for the ultimate cooking experience.
  • Making the most durable pan built to last requires a tri-ply, or clad type construction. The initial layer is made of stainless steel to ensure a solid exterior, followed by an aluminum mid-layer, which provides uniform, even heat distribution over an aluminum pan’s outer surface.
  • The Hexclad can be washed and is easily cleaned with steel wool or scouring pads. It is scratch-resistant and will not scratch or break down due to using metal tools. The third layer is a way to compact the aluminum by the second sheet of stainless steel which includes nonstick valleys in order to provide the ideal cooking surface.
  • Set includes 12″ Pan w/ Lid is the base for the chef’s gourmet toolkit 10-” Pan w/ Lid – the perfect size to cook daily meals 8″ Pan w/ Lid essential pan for sauces and side dishes 12″ Wok is the most important benefit for cooking with chef-quality.

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