Is it worth buying a home espresso coffee machine?

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1 Price

If you only have one cup of coffee per day, you can expect to spend upwards of $1500 annually.

This number can go up if you sneak in an extra cup of coffee or a muffin.

Would it be more beneficial to take that money and invest it in your coffee machine? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Pod and capsule coffee machines are generally cheaper than manual espresso machines. You can get a basic unit for as low as $100, or spend up to $699.

Our expert taste testers are unanimous in their belief that a manual espresso machine is the best option for those who care about flavor. Because you have the greatest control over the brewing process.

They are more expensive to purchase (from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand), but a good machine will last about eight years.

Remember that the price of a model is not always indicative of its performance. In our tests, many cheaper models performed better than more expensive models. Check out our coffee maker reviews to find out if you can get a good deal on a model.

Based on the responses of CHOICE members we also assign each machine a brand reliability score and satisfaction score. This allows you to assess how brands have performed over time.

2. Convenience

You might think that ordering take-out coffee is the best convenience. There’s no need to grind beans at home, learn how to make them, or clean a machine. A smiling barista will happily do it all for you.

Cafe coffee has another advantage: you can share your experience with a friend, colleague, or coworker. The morning ritual of walking to get your flat white can be a highlight of your daily routine.

Others argue that it is much easier to walk to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee than to wear proper clothes. It’s also easier to grab a cup of coffee if you work from home than it is to go out between phone calls or video chats.

3. Coffee making way

The ‘home vs. cafe’ comparison depends heavily on your ability to make coffee that is as good or better than a purchased one. Chantelle Dart, CHOICE’s coffee machine expert, says it is important to choose a machine that matches your skills and how often you will use it.

Chantalle says that while some people will spend thousands to buy a coffee maker, it doesn’t make much sense if you don’t know how to use it or don’t use it enough.

It doesn’t matter what machine you purchase, it is worth learning how to properly use it. This includes everything from choosing the right coffee grinder and high-quality coffee, to correctly tamping the coffee, to milk frothing, and how to get the perfect pour. There are many great tutorials on the internet about coffee.

4. Desired Coffee

You don’t have to buy coffee from a cafe. Also, you can make your own coffee at home. It is possible to avoid awkward situations such as when your favorite barista isn’t available and another person makes a better coffee.

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