Jura GIGA 6 Aluminum Automatic Coffee Machine

Product Description

Jura is reinventing the idea of automated coffee and espresso machines by offering their GIGA 6. Built of the highest quality ABS and stainless steel the aluminum finish gives a dash of class to any room. This machine that is professional is loaded with modern and enhanced artificial intelligence, with a range of settings that deliver exceptional results every time. Coffee drinkers can select among 28 different coffees, including Caffe Latte, flat white, or cortado. Milk foam and milk can be customized to your personal preferences and set in 10 temperature levels.

In addition, the strength of 2 heating units and 2 pumps allows coffee, milk, or milk foam and coffee to be made simultaneously. Two ceramic discs that can be adjusted electronically grinders, as well as an Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.) feature, provide you with the possibility of a variety of coffee coarseness that you can choose from. The perfect coffee machine that combines efficiency and quality with a whole new dimension. Intelligent features–such as the 4.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen color display, a self-learning algorithm that identifies each user’s personal preferences and adapts the start screen accordingly, and images and symbols that are self-explanatory–create a customizable, user-friendly experience.

Main Features

  • The body of stainless steel has an aluminum finish
  • 28 options of specialties to select from
  • Water tank 87 ounces
  • 2 ceramic discs that can be electronically adjusted grinders
  • Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.) function

Final Words

Its Jura GIGA 6 moves on the line between a consumer-oriented and professional gastro gadget, offering many choices. It is equipped with a Clearyl Smart Water Filter and other fantastic accessories.

I am very enthusiastic about this amazing Jura maker of coffee. It’s an excellent machine. Jura GIGA 6 doesn’t have to be averse to comparisons or even a tiny bit and makes excellent coffee.

In terms of experience for the user, It’s great, especially with the TFT-based display, which I find more appealing than the app. The coffee spill could benefit from having the ability to change its width and height. I’m sure I’d agree with you about legroom in the instance of the case of a Ferrari!

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