Jura Z10 Aluminum White

Product Intro

Inspired by the top baristas The Jura Z10 brews 32 beverage options with the press of one button. The burr grinder is automatically adjusted to the beverage of your choice using the appropriate grind while the 3D technology for brewing maximizes flavor. The revolutionary cold Extraction method makes use of high-pressure cold water to get the greatest flavor out of hot coffee beverages. You can choose between a cold or hot macchiato, cortado, latte Cappuccino, flat white doppio Americano along with other beverages that are made according to barista standards. It is virtually maintenance-free, and the espresso machine has a one-touch milk system cleaning as well as integrated cleaning, rinsing, and dealing software. Also impressive to look at and admire, the Z10 has a stunning waves design for the tank as well as an angled aluminum front panel.

Main Benefits

Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.)

In less than seconds, this electronically controlled high-performance grinding machine adjusts to the perfect grind for the specialty you have selected. The adjustment is automated that ranges from fine for espresso to extremely coarse for cold brew specialty drinks. You can also choose to select the grind prior to every preparation using an Aroma Selection function.

Genuine cold brew for a refreshing taste

In contrast to conventional cold coffee drinks that are made of hot-brewed coffee which is later chilled the Z10 is a genuine cold extraction of brew. The cold water is slowly streamed via coarsely-ground coffee. The result is a naturally refreshing and energizing drink with coffee aromas that are fruity.

Eighth-generation brewing unit

The most crucial element of any automated coffee maker, and JURA’s 8th-generation brewing unit will make the Z10 distinct. Its unique 3D brewing system lets water flow smoothly through the coffee grounds at different levels. This allows you to enjoy the flavor of hot dishes and cold coffee.

Lasting elegance

JURA’s design is modern yet timeless. Quality and durability, top-quality materials, and the highest level of engineering precision show the very best quality of workmanship. The water tank with its beautiful wave design and the seamless filter casing is a perfect example of the attention to detail that is characteristic of the brand.

Final Words

The first automatic coffee machine that can make cold and hot coffee with 32 different flavors with the push of a button. All freshly ground.

Innovative brewing techniques, such as the product Recognizing Grinder, sophisticated equipment for brewing, and an exclusive Cold Extraction Process to make authentic cold brews in record time.

Delicious cold brew recipes are prepared by using cold water to bypass the heating element by slowing down the rate of pulsation through coffee grinds that are coarse.

Discover a brand new way to experience the best cold brew beverages that are refreshing, energetic, and with a deliciously balanced scent.

It recognizes the product. The grinder will automatically alter the grinder to the particular specialty that you choose coffee – fine for espresso middle to make Americano as well as coarse to make cold brew.

Quality, durability superior materials, as well as the most precise engineering precision, are evidence of the highest level of workmanship.

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