LEM Products 778A Stainless Steel 10 Tray Dehydrator

With ten iron trays that are chrome-plated as well as an enormous 16 square. feet. of drying space You can create mountains of jerky, snacks, and other dried delights in just one go. Horizontal airflow is powered by a silent rear-mounted 770-watt motor and heating system that allows for even drying, without disturbing the neighbors. An analog timer of 12 hours and a thermostat that can be adjusted let you dry your food at an ideal temperature, and time to maximize nutrition and taste. Stainless Steel housing. ETL Certified. Create your own organic, natural snacks! LEM Products provides a selection of dehydrators for food that can make drying food enjoyable, quick, and simple. Drying is a season-long and innovative method of preserving the freshness of vegetables, fruit seeds, fish, and other meats. Food dehydrators reduce the risk of drying food in various ways. The dried fruits can turn to make chips or leathers made of fruit. The dried vegetables can be used to make soup mixes made of dry ingredients and even vegetable leathers. Fish and meats can be dried to create jerky

Main Features

Make use of a food dryer for refining crackers and bread. There are numerous benefits when you dry and preserve your own food items: Save money, create your own fruit and vegetable mix, manage sugar content, and avoid ingredients that are commonly found in store-bought products. Dehydrating is an alternative to freezing and canning however it also complements these methods of preservation. Foods and treats for your pet are fun and simple to prepare. For those who are creative and crafty food lovers, dehydrators can be useful for cake decorations as well as drying flower petals (potpourri) dough art or drying photographs. Select your LEM Products Food Dehydrator that’s the perfect fit for your needs.

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