Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine with Iron Frame 

This semi-automatic, traditional-style espresso machine is made to last. The strong, linear design housing is made of iron and stainless steel side panels. Rancilio’s commercial grade group head is used for its heat stability and superior extraction quality. For exceptional extraction, the patented ergonomic 58mm portafilter is included. These same filters are used on Rancilio machines. The Silvia’s single boiler has the highest volume of any home machine of its type. This chrome-plated brass boiler holds 0.3 liters (12 oz) of steam and has a remarkable recovery time.

Main Features

  • Rancilio’s commercial machines have the same ergonomic portafilter handle as their ergonomic design.
  • Group head commercial grade for exceptional heat stability and extraction quality.
  • The steam wand can be manipulated to provide a full range of motion, while the professional steaming knob controls steaming pressure precisely.
  • The classic linear design fits most decors.
  • Available as an option: Optional capsule and pod adaptor kits.

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