Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review


Its Saeco Xelsis is the best in its class, with cutting-edge features, our most modern touch screen, and a beautiful design. The super-automatic espresso machine was created using Italian workmanship and built with premium materials. Being busy does not mean you must reduce how good your espresso tastes. Xelsis allows you to make 15 different coffee beverages with just a click and personalize the flavor to suit your preferences truly indulgence at your fingertips.

Main Features

15 different coffee drinks

If you’re in search of an automated espresso machine that will cater to all family members’ preferences for coffee Look for it. The Saeco Xelsis can provide a variety of flavors that lets you make fifteen various coffee beverages. If you like an espresso shot or simply white, the machine will be able to do all. With Xelsis it is capable of enjoying: cappuccino, espresso, cappuccino Caffe flat white, latte americano, espresso lungo, espresso macchiato espresso doppio cafe au lait, cafe cortado, and milk froth. hot and warm milk.

Coffee Equalizer

You can sip beverages that are coffeehouse-style in the comforts of your home. You can easily alter the flavor of your beverages using the touch screen with the Coffee Equalizer: You can modify the strength quantity and temperature, as well as the taste of your coffee, volume of milk foam, the amount, and even the order of milk and coffee. Create your coffee according to how you like it.

6 customizable user profiles

We are aware that everyone in the family has their own preferences, which is why Xelsis offers six profiles that allow everyone to drink coffee in the way they prefer it. You won’t have to alter the settings to suit your preferences each time you need to drink. The touchscreen’s color can remember your preferred settings and preferences. settings that can be stored in a logical way and quickly retrieved with just a click.


With this espresso maker for your home, You’ll enjoy no-hassle drinking milk. HygieSteam functions take care of cleaning the entire milk chain with steam from the spout all the way to the milk tubes at your own discretion. Furthermore, each when you prepare drinks with the milk product, Saeco Xelsis automatically cleans the milk system by releasing a hygienic stream of steam, making sure it’s well-maintained and ready to prepare that next cocktail.

AquaClean Filter

AquaClean is our patent-pending water filter specifically designed to improve the taste in your cup by purifying it. The unique flow system lets the water in the filter travel a longer route before entering the super-automatic coffee maker. This results in greater purification, resulting in clear water and better coffee flavor. This prevents the accumulation of scale within the water circuits of your coffee maker: you can prepare at least 5000 cups in a single session without scaling by changing the filter on a regular basis.

Ceramic Grinder

Our grinders are constructed of high-quality ceramic that is durable and long-lasting. Fresh beans are slowly ground without any risk of overheating. All the finest flavors and aromas are extracted, giving you a better coffee taste.

Easy to use4.5
Easy to clean4.2
Blending power4.1
Value of money3.5
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