Top 10 Best Countertop Microwave Ovens 2022

While countertop microwaves are essential kitchen appliances, they are not something that you think about very often. It can be difficult to find a replacement microwave when the old one is broken. 

What are the most important features? 

What features are important? 

Do microwaves come in different sizes? We decided to test the 20 best models of microwaves to make them easier to purchase. We went deeper than just how fast a microwave can heat up food. We measured the size of the microwave, its door type, programming buttons, and cleanability.

1. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

Although the Toshiba EM925A5A5A-BS compact microwave only has 900-watts cooking power, it is quiet and quiet, with 10 power settings and a digital control panel. You can also use the integrated kitchen timer to defrost food according to time and weight. You can also set up six pre-programmed functions, including popcorn, potato, frozen vegetable, and beverage, as well as a dinner plate.

We liked the power-saving mode, as well as the sound on/off options. The child safety lock completes the package. Although it only holds a volume of 0.9 cubic feet, the noise level, and other features more than makeup for this. This model is ideal if your kitchen is already loud enough.

2. Panasonic NN-SU696S Microwave Oven

The Panasonic microwave can produce 1100 watts in a 1. 3-Cubic-foot capacity. There are 10 power settings. Turbo Defrost is a highlight. It generates a continuous stream of power that allows for uniform, evenly cooked food. Turbo Defrost is a highly efficient and fast defrost system that works well. This defrost is fast and easy to use. The built-in genius sensor adjusts power and time based on different foods. Additional features include 7 pre-set menu items, a quick timer, delay start, and the important child safety lock.

The Genius sensor measures steam produced during cooking and send it to the oven’s microprocessor for calculation of the remaining cooking time. This is a great way for potatoes to be reheated. This Panasonic microwave oven is powerful at 1100 watts and has many great cooking functions.

3. Cuisinart CMW-100 1-Cubic-Foot Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

The Cuisinart microwave countertop model is a top choice if you’re looking for the best. Although it is smaller, with just one cubic foot of space and only 1000 watts, this model still provides everything you need to quickly prepare your food, even if they are more complex than usual. This model has 8 food presets, which allow you to adjust the serving size. There are 25 cooking options available for food such as rice, frozen vegetables and baked potatoes.

Two-stage cooking is available for longer cooking times, which may require a defrost or other changes on the fly. You can have fun with the controls and the 10 power levels if you’re looking for the perfect setting for every meal. This model is small enough to fit in smaller kitchens, where every inch of space matters.

4. Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) Multifunctional Microwave Oven

 The oven features healthy air fry with 10 menus, convection with 4 auto bake menus, and 4 auto roast menus. It also has a sensor function with 13 menus. One touch popcorn button, easy weight/time defrosting, microwave cooking with 10 power settings, warm hold, express cook buttons for 1-6 minutes, and memory function. The unit is equipped with a bright LED cavity light and a glass turntable, an energy-saving eco mode, a mute, a clock, and a kitchen timer. Bright LED digital display, easy-to-read control panel, and easy-to-grip door handle all enhance the user experience. The stainless steel cavity is also scratch- and rust-resistant, making it easy to clean.

5. Galanz Convection Microwave

The built-in humidity sensor ensures that your food is never under or overcooked. Sensor Reheat stops precooked dishes automatically when the food is hot and ready to eat.

The Inverter creates constant, consistent heat to maintain the exact temperature during cooking, unlike traditional microwave heating systems that pulse on and off.

6. Midea Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven

Medea’s light-duty Commercial Microwave Oven will have a 6-minute dial clock with illuminated numbers and an end-of-cycle beep. If the door is opened, the timer will reset to zero. The oven must have full power for simple operation. The microwave output shall be 1000 Watts and distributed by a single magnetron equipped with a bottom rotating antenna. The incandescent light will allow food to be monitored easily without having to open the door. Medium capacity: The medium capacity is 0. A durable door must have an EZ Grab and Go handle and a 90 degree+ opening for easy accessibility. The oven must have an exterior wrap made of stainless steel, a door, and an interior cavity.

7. COSMO COS-BIM22SSB 24 in Countertop Microwave Oven 

Flexible installation options make it easy to get the cooking space that you want. You can place your microwave on top of the counter or in your kitchen cabinets with our trim kit (part no COS-30BIMTK). This will give you a seamless look. You can adjust the cooking power to 1200 watts using 10 power levels. Smart sensor cooking detects when food is hot and turns off the microwave when it is.

8. RCA Over-The-Range Microwave Oven

This stainless steel microwave oven has all the necessary cooking controls for quick heating and defrosting. It also has a humidity sensor, which makes it easier to cook.

Four-speed, 400 CFM venting system. The countertop microwave oven eliminates smoke, steam, and odors. Time and auto defrost. For optimal results, defrosting times and power levels can be programmed either automatically or manually.

The safety lock stops children from operating the doors unsupervised. The interior light can be used to check the status of the door without opening it.

9. GE 3-in-1 Countertop Microwave Oven

The GE 1.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Convection microwave oven with air fry allows you to make healthier and crispier versions of your favorite foods, thanks to the built-in air fryer. You can quickly and easily use microwave preset controls such as Nuggets and Fries to get the perfect results. A stainless microwave crisper pan is included with the microwave. It was specifically designed to be used with Air Fry mode. Convection mode is available on this compact microwave at 1050 watts. It includes a rack that allows air circulation around food for uniform heat distribution and golden brown results. Maximum user control is possible with the automatic and time to defrost modes.

10.BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 Digital Microwave Oven

Professional-style Black + Decker 1.1 cube 1000 watt stainless steel black microwave has 10 power levels, a removable glass table, and a spacious interior. High-tech technology allows for even heating and defrosting, ensuring great results with minimal overcooking. Six of the most loved food items can be reheated or cooked in a matter of seconds. You can choose power levels from 1000 watts to 1200 watts. A large LED digital display with a clock function, can also display the countdown timer and cooking time remaining.

Factors to consider before buying microwave ovens

Preset settings

Microwaves can be set up to make popcorn, pizza, or even beverages. Some microwaves can even safely freeze meats without having to cook them. You should check the number of pre-programmed functions offered by each model of microwave you are considering buying if you want it to do all these things. You should also check whether the oven supports sensor cook programming. This feature is unique because it allows you to program your oven based on the type of food being cooked, rather than following predetermined settings that may not always produce the best results.


Another thing to consider is the price. You don’t always get what you pay. A cheap machine might have too many bells and whistles to be useful for your family’s cooking needs. It might be worth spending a little more to get a better quality model that will last longer and not have all the features that are in use every day.


If you have teenagers in your household who use microwaves to heat up their coffee and nuke food in seconds, you should consider what wattage is needed. You might consider a machine with a higher wattage if this is your household. You should also consider how powerful each control area is, e.g high/low, etc. Because one area may have more power than the other, it can lead to uneven cooking.

Final Words

Countertop microwave ovens can be used by anyone with limited space or students. We recommend an over-the-range convection microwave oven if you require more cooking power than a traditional oven. It will provide you with both convection cooking and great microwaving power.

It all depends on your priorities. We recommend the convection microwave oven if space and cooking power is important to you. These models offer great microwave power and convection cooking capabilities that will make your meals more delicious. A standard countertop model might be the best option for those who don’t require as much space or are looking for something more affordable.

It can be hard to choose the right countertop oven due to all the features and models. But, we hope our comprehensive buyer’s guide will help you narrow down your choices.

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