Top 10 Best Steamers 2022

The top steamers for food are ideal to cook healthy meals using many different ingredients and are a fantastic addition to your kitchen. They are a great way to preserve the flavor and moistness of the ingredients and are also better for your health as they lock the more nutritious nutrients in than simmering. Food steamers also help to free up space on your stovetop and give you more control over the ingredients you’d like to cook with.

1. Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer for Quick

Hamilton Beach 5.5 Quart Hamilton Beach 5.5 Quart is an affordable food steamer that has two levels with a removable divider to accommodate big items. By using its digital display you can choose to slow start, steam, and warm. It comes with rice bowls for steaming rice and other small items. This model is more flexible than other models as its delay starting feature is exclusive to this particular model as the post-cooking warmer can be found only in a few steamers for the food we tested. These features, along with the fact that it is priced low make it a great choice for cooking healthy.

You can cook a complete dinner in a single appliance. Food cooks quicker in the lower tier therefore, you need to place items that take longer to cook in the lower tier and utilize the top for foods with less time to cook. For example, you can put the potatoes and chicken in the bowl in the bottom, and then add squash or green beans on the top. It can hold small foods or larger ones like an entire head of broccoli or corn on the cob. It is also possible to prepare poultry, seafood hot dogs, soft or hard-boiled eggs, as well as rice.

2. Nesco ST-25F, Food Steamer

If you’re looking for a straightforward food steamer that makes eating time easier, or you are a single person or smaller household then the NESCO 5-Quart is the ideal option for your food steamer. It comes with three levels that are ideal to prepare different components of meals on their own. It also includes the rice bowl which is an excellent instrument for adding some variety to your food preparation routine.

If you’re looking for a steamer specifically for cooking vegetables it is a fantastic one. We’re saying that since we weren’t impressed with the results after we cooked the rice that we cooked in the steamer. The steamer does not have the features that are more expensive than other models we’ve looked at however at the cost it’ll provide everything you’ll require to.

3. Aroma Housewares 5-Quart Food Steamer

The Aroma 5-Quart AFS 186 can be ready to cook in just one minute and can accommodate 5 quarts of food, making it possible to cook a variety of food items at the same time with its two-tier design. The top shelf is equipped with a lid that is curved, so you’ll need to place longer or larger items on the bottom shelf of the steam cooker.

The food steamer can be cleaned with a dishwasher which means you don’t have to scrub the slatted tray with your hands. Because it’s both tall and narrow it is also simple to store. Its Aroma 5-Quart AFS-186 features the ability to check the level of water that is in the steamer. It isn’t possible to top it up without shutting off the cooker, so make certain to fill it before you cook. Its Aroma 5-Quart AFS-186 lets you set the timer using the dial located on the top of the base as well as its handy chart, which is located right on top of the dial tells the time you have to cook various food items for. This is an excellent feature.

4. BELLA Two-Tier Food Steamer

It is possible to cook the healthy, delicious chicken as well as up to 5 cups of rice using the BELLA Food Steamer. It begins steaming within 30 seconds, meaning you can cook chicken, without using harmful oils. 

It comes with five cups of the rice bowl. It is filled with water in an area that is shaped like a drawer. an indicator of water level shows how much water is in the bowl. If the water level is way too low, the unit stops immediately. The temperature can be adjusted using an easy dial, and an indicator light that is green lets you know that the machine is operating. The majority of BELLA food steamer’s parts that are removable are dishwasher safe.

5. Cuisinart STM-1000 Cook Fresh Digital Glass Steamer

If you’re not a fan of cooking with stainless steel, this cooker features a 5.2-quart pan made from glass with a stainless-steel steaming tray and a lid made of glass that has a stainless-steel trim. All components are dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleaning. This LCD control panel features the start/stop, pause, and reheat buttons as well as preset food settings that simplify cooking. You can also adjust the controls manually for customized cooking.

The steam rises from the top to surround the food and cooks it evenly and quickly. The water tank can be removed to allow simple filling. 2 handles in the tray of the steamer make it easy to take off the food that has been cooked.

6. Elite Gourmet EST4401 Electric Food Vegetable Steamer

Get rid of some steam while cooking your favorite fruits, grains, vegetables seafood, eggs, meat, and poultry. The set comes with three 3-quart bowls. The steamer comes with a 60-minute timer that has a safety auto-off. The BPA-free tray comes with six egg rests to aid in boiling eggs. In terms of cleaning out, these steam trays can be folded up for easy cleaning. Parts that are dishwasher safe. The nifty storage design is perfect inside your kitchen cabinet.

Factors to consider before buying a food streamer


Food steamers are available in stovetop and electronic versions. Electronic steamers are timer-operated which allows you to create them and then do other things while waiting while your meals cook. Stovetop types require some attention and you must be aware of water levels and make sure you are able to control the timing so that your food gets cooked in the manner you prefer it. The most effective steamers are dishwasher-safe, and there aren’t any pots to wash.

Types of food

Food steamers that are specifically designed for food can be used to cook various food items, but if you frequently prepare rice at home, it would make sense to purchase a rice cooker and food steamer combination. They usually limit the kinds of meals that you can cook in a single sitting because there’s only one container for cooking other items. If you prefer to consume meats and rice or vegetables using a food steamer or rice cooker can be a great option to cook an entire dinner.


The size of food steamers can be measured by quarts and the majority are larger than 3 quarts. They typically include one or three tiers. If you purchase a product with more than one level it is possible to stack several products and then steam at the same time or cook large meals in huge quantities.

If you buy a combo rice cooker as well as a steamer for food, its size is dependent on the number of cups of rice that the cooker produces. The bigger it is the rice cooker, the bigger the steamer basket. Small steamers are perfect for cooking just one dish while the three-tier model is able to cook a complete dinner.

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